Have you ever looked at a kitchen island in a magazine, online, or on a home improvement show and wondered how much a kitchen island really makes a difference? The kitchen island is one of the only pieces in the room that can be added, changed, or removed with some flexibility. In fact, it is one of the most customizable pieces in the room, making it the perfect addition. From a full remodel option to a quick addition to your area, it can help you organize your kitchen to the best possible functionality in the house. We have a list of some awesome upgrades your kitchen island needs to open up the space.

Camouflaged Trash Can: It’s an item every kitchen is going to have, but it’s something that we try to hide. The kitchen island can have a section that either pulls out or tilts out to reveal your trash can and recycling bin if you have enough room. This method is a great way of not only keeping your floor space open but keeping the inevitable smell of the trash can hidden.

Island Upgrades Your Kitchen Needs! 1
Island Upgrades Your Kitchen Needs! 2

More Shelving: Storage is important in any room and the kitchen is no different. The island can be designed with shelving that’s open, closed, or a combination of both. Closed shelving can help organize and hide away some appliances or utensils that are useful, but don’t need to be displayed all the time. Open shelving can show off those gorgeous dishes you love, have cookbooks and recipes within arms reach, and more!

  • The Mini Fridge: If you already have a bigger fridge why would you need a mini one? Mini fridges are great for keeping wine, beer, or other drinks chilled and out of the way from the main fridge. If you enjoy hosting parties this is the perfect addition!
    • Bonus Tip: Rather than a mini-fridge, incorporate a wine cooler. This way you’ll have wine at the ideal temperature right in your own kitchen!