We are in a whole new way of working right now. Recent events have forced those who are able into our home offices. Even after everyone is in the green, businesses may require you to stay at home for the foreseeable future. This is the new normal for everyone. Whether you’re flourishing in the new environment, or you’re itching to get back to the office, there are ways to enhance your home office to maximize your productivity. Here are just a few ways you can fix your home office to feel more productive during work hours.

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● Lock It Up: With your job, you need a quiet area to work on projects, make phone calls, answer emails, have virtual meetings, and more. Sometimes the family doesn’t quite understand that you need to be separated while you’re working, especially if you have small children. Change out the lock of the room you’re using as your office not only to keep the family out while you’re working, but to protect your laptops, desktops, and other information when you’re off the clock.

● Add More Lighting: Even if you’re mainly working on a laptop or computer, you don’t want that to be the only source of light in the office. Natural lighting is the best source of light, but also to boost your mood. If you can’t get a lot of sunlight into the room, either upgrade the overhead lighting or get a desk lamp set up for plenty of light.

● Upgrade The Desk: While you can get away with a lap desk and a spot on the couch or your favorite chair for work, you sometimes need something a little bit more stable. You don’t need to get a vast, luxurious desk to get the job done. If you’re going to be working long term from home, look at a full standing desk or a convertible standing desk. Standing desks help improve your health with extended use, where always sitting can cause health problems.

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● Adding Color: Your eyes need a break from looking at the screen. Having a TV going in the background can be distracting. Add some color to the room to brighten it up and make you feel happy. Not only that, but you can personalize the place more to coordinate with the rest of your office supplies. A brighter, more professional space will get you into the mindset of work time.