Design trends for 2020 reflect a desire to connect with nature, to simplify our lives, and to have our home reflect our personal style.  Today’s kitchens are moving away from farmhouse style and towards a more European mix of elegant, unique and rustic elements.


Clean, open islands and floating shelves, create a wonderful feeling of space and sophistication; this paired with a whole wall of floor to ceiling cabinetry, with minimal crown, can allow for ample storage.  Contrast is very important and adds some excitement to your space– so try rustic, warm woods with clean, crisp white cabinets or dark base cabinets paired with light-colored wall cabinets.  Also, elegantly colored cabinetry in jewel tones, black, or moody shades of blue and grey could liven up your space.

2020 Kitchen Design Trends 1



Quartz will continue to be the most popular choice due to its ease of maintenance and it’s gorgeous, marble-like appearance and the increasing number of color options available. We are seeing more soapstone being used because it is also easy to take care of and it has a nice dark, low sheen finish which can be a nice, earthy contrast to white cabinetry.  Walnut is a warm and eye-catching choice for an island top and, if sealed properly, can even be used with an under-mount sink.


The backsplash is a perfect place to take some risk and add a pop of color or a unique design element to your space.  Taking the backsplash material to the ceiling is key to the new open look of today’s kitchen and maximizing its effect.  The biggest trend is continuing your stone, slab countertop up the wall, the marbling design creating a really dramatic effect behind your open shelves and cooking area.

Hardware and fixtures

Mixing metals, especially brushed brass, weathered iron and stainless are part of the whole eclectic, one-of-a-kind space you are creating.  No need to match metal finishes, it’s a lot more interesting not to. Also, a really unique light fixture that you fell in love with, would really help you express your style.

2020 Kitchen Design Trends 2


Appliances are available in all colors of the rainbow now; can you imagine your range in your favorite color, maybe a pretty French blue, as a striking focal point and great pop of color for your kitchen?  Also, hoods can be a show-stopper, so do an interesting shaped metal or plaster design instead of a wood mantel-style hood.

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