First comes inspiration, then comes transformation. Make 2019 the year to transform your home and make it fabulous! Finding inspiration for your home transformation can be as simple as being in someone else’s kitchen that you love, or finding pictures in a magazine or on the internet.

Find Inspiration in 2019! 1

A kitchen or bath renovation is a huge project requiring an investment of both time and money. There are many decisions to be made, each with a multitude of choices. It can all seem a little overwhelming, so it is the job of the professionals working on your project to guide you through the process and help you make good decisions. To do that, they need to understand your vision, style and goals.

Social sharing sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Houzz are the ideal place to find inspiration and organize it to share with others. Social sharing sites have revolutionized home renovation planning. They have made more inspiration available while making it easier to organize and share.

When you have all your ideas organized, bring your pictures from Houzz and Pinterest to TrueLeaf Kitchens in Basking Ridge, where they will bring your ideas to life. TrueLeaf’s team of experienced professionals will take you from inspiration to installation and will truly transform the way you live. Their showroom is located at 134 S. Finley Avenue. Call 908-866-8190 for an appointment or visit their web site at