Time and time again, outdoor kitchens have proven to be a great place to relax, spend time with family and friends, enjoy a meal, and more. There are several styles and materials you can use to create a comfortable spot you’ll want to use on a daily basis. They can be as simple or elaborate as you need them to be depending on how much you want to entertain outside. The cabinets and storage arguably make the outdoor kitchen what it is. They can use it to store all of your outdoor cooking utensils, pots, pans, and even a mini-fridge to help reduce trekking inside too many times for supplies. Your outdoor kitchen will have to hold up to all of the elements we get in this area, including snow. Some cabinet materials are better suited for outdoor structures than others. Here are four of the most common ones.

● Wood is the most common out of this entire list. When it’s properly treated, wood can hold up to all kinds of weather conditions. It’s customizable to fit any style you want as well as giving you the choice of painting or staining it depending on how much of the grain you want coming through. As with any outdoor wood structure, it will need regular maintenance to keep it clean of dirt and debris, especially when food is involved.

outdoor kitchen

● Stainless Steel is the next popular material. It can hold up to a lot of conditions. It’s low-maintenance, non-corrosive, as well as fire and impact resistant. You can choose a plain stainless steel design or have it powder coated in a range of colors, textures, and more.

● Brick, Stucco, and Masonry are great for a natural style. Depending on where you have it in that space it can look as if it’s always been there. It holds up beautifully to the weather because of what it’s made out of.

outdoor kitchen

● Polymer is a type of heavy-duty plastic that can hold up to a lot of conditions, including the weather. It’s easy to clean and corrosion-resistant as long the hardware is as well. Polymer also comes on a range of colors making it easy to match any style.