A kitchen island helps open up your kitchen to multiple avenues. Storage is a huge one, but you can also have additions like a sink, a microwave, seating, and more importantly, extra counter space. Unfortunately, people get so excited about having an island that they make some common mistakes. For example, it doesn’t fully have a purpose for it, it’s not the right size, there’s not nearly enough storage space, and more. Here are a few of the most common mistakes to avoid when planning out your kitchen island.

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Not Having A Purpose: There are several ways you can utilize the kitchen island besides additional countertop space. The biggest issue is that people don’t do sufficient research on how much they can utilize a kitchen island until after it’s been installed. They discover that it’s not as convenient to use as they thought it was because they didn’t realize how much they’re able to do with it.

It’s Too Large: One of the biggest mistakes is people don’t measure correctly. Their eyes are a little too big for their kitchen making the island too large in the process. It conflicts with the flow of the entire kitchen making it aggravating to do anything in there instead of the island helping out.

It’s Too Small: On the opposite end of the spectrum, having an island that’s far too small can defeat the purpose of having it installed to begin with. Measuring out the island correctly will help eliminate it being too large or too small. You can measure it out yourself when you’re starting your research and have it verified by your designer.

Why You Should Avoid These 6 Kitchen Island Mistakes 1

It Obstructs the Workflow: The kitchen island can’t conflict with the flow the kitchen already has. The biggest section it can’t get in the way is the triangle path of the stove, fridge, and sink. The island needs to be far enough away to keep this flow smooth unless the sink or stove is incorporated into the island.

Why You Should Avoid These 6 Kitchen Island Mistakes 2

Too Many Seats: Is there such a thing as too many seats with an island? Yes, there is. Adding too many seats, especially to one side of the island makes it feel too cramped. There wouldn’t be enough elbow room and your guests will end up being too uncomfortable. Each seat should have at least 24 inches of space.

Poor Lighting: If the island is installed later on, there might not be enough lighting to illuminate the space. It might be beneficial to have additional lighting, even if it’s a small recessed light above the island.

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