If you are looking for an improvement to your kitchen but do not want to entirely renovate, you can still get in on the fun! Sometimes it is the more minute details of the kitchen that needed to be updated in order to create a new feel. Here are three home fixtures in your kitchen that you should update.


Let there be (new) lights this spring! Lighting creates a sense of warmth and welcomeness to rooms that make guests feel invited. An update to this fixture can be done with new aesthetics in mind to match your style or with your sustainable goals to be more eco-friendly this year. And like any new fixture, an update on your lights will also increase your home’s value.


When you think of fixing your faucet, it might be because of a leak. That is, of course, a great reason to update it, as leaks can cause possibly mold damage underneath your sink. And who really wants faulty water pressure? From a looks perspective, faucets can set the tone for your sink area, and with plenty of modern fixtures to choose from, why not add some more value to your home with a new faucet.

Drawer Pulls

Before you think of replacing your cabinets and drawers, think smaller for a second. Maybe you do not need a new set, but instead an update on the drawer pulls. It is easy to take these for granted, but with a plethora of options you can pick from, you can find the right fit for your cabinets, drawers, and your kitchen as a whole.

faucet for bathtub

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