I think we are all hoping for some big changes in 2021.  Unfortunately, we can’t control the rest of the world, but there are many things we can do this year to make our lives better.  Things like: eating healthier, exercising more or making the space you live in, your “world”, more beautiful and functional. The important thing is to do something. Tony Robbins once said “The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”  So, if one of things you would like to change is the space you live in, here are 10 steps to get you started:

  1. Pick Your Battles – Find the top 3 areas of your home that drive you crazy – is it your closet, office, laundry room, master bathroom, kitchen? Which areas will have the greatest impact on your happiness?
  2. Create a Budget – Create a budget for each area – think what you want to spend and what you can spend. You probably will end up closer to what you can spend, most people underestimate what things cost before going shopping.
  3. Make a Plan – Visit Houzz or Pinterest and create an ideabook or board for each space to help you map out your design details, colors and finishes
  4. Easiest First – Organizing a closet or painting a room is an easy first step and will give you a quick feeling of accomplishment.
  5. Listen to Friends – For spaces that require purchasing things find out where to go – ask some friends or a local Facebook group and pick two recommended places to try out. Visit their websites first to find out more about them and the products that they offer.  Some will even have fun design tools to play around with on their sites to get the design process started at home.
  6. Just Go! – Make an appointment at the store, don’t keep putting it off.  You may want to take a quick measurement and some pictures of your space to bring with you.
  7. Find a Partner – Most furniture and kitchen/bath showrooms have designers that will help you with your selections.  After visiting a couple of showrooms, choose a place or designer to work with that gets your style, has a lot of experience and you trust to make your vision happen.
  8. It’s all in the Details – Make all of your choices (tile, hardware, lighting fixtures, etc…) early so you know where you stand with your budget and you won’t have costly surprises later on.
  9. Order ASAP – Pay the deposit and get it ordered. Lead times are a little longer right now because of Covid-19, so if you want it done this year don’t hesitate.
  10. Have a Good Attitude – Be patient with the process and yourself, any meaningful change is not easy or quick, but all the effort will be worth it.
10 Steps to Change Your World in 2021 1
10 Steps to Change Your World in 2021 2

Just think what life could be like if you could make the changes to your home you’ve been dreaming about.  It’s time to stop dreaming, begin the journey and start living the life you want in 2021.

If you are ready to enjoy your new “world”, you can begin the process today with one of the designers at TrueLeaf Kitchens. Their showroom is located in downtown Basking Ridge at 134 S. Finley Ave.  Call for an appointment at 908-766-2006 or visit the website at trueleafkitchens.com where they have a new design tool you can try out.